Driven by a passion for teamwork and collaborations, augmented by personal experience in team sports (including college and international level) and performance productions – Dinnar and colleagues enjoy contributing our skills to serving as collaborative members on a variety of business and non-profit teams.


Sample team player service and collaborations with individuals and organizations:

Bob Mnookin

David Hoffman

Gary Friedman

Dana Curtis

Chuck Duran

Ed Wertheim

Kim Leary

Linda Singer

Michael Lewis

Frank Sander

Yaron Aizenbud

Hal Movius

Larry Susskind

Susan Podziba

Guhan Subramanian

Audrey Lee

“I could not have picked a better course.

I learned so much, and was completely engaged the whole time because the trainers were exceptional and inspiring, and the program they put together had the perfect balance of presentations, demonstrations, simulations, and discussions.  I came away not only far more prepared to mediate, but also energized and excited to continue to grow and develop in the field.“

Participant in Mediation Weeklong Intensive Training


“Each one already blazing by our meeds, should notwithstanding join our lights together and over-shine the earth” (Henry VI part 3)