Mooly is an excellent strategic thinker with great negotiation skills and high ethical standards. He knows his way around contract law and is just as comfortable and effective with C-level executives as he is in working with engineering, finance, or sales and marketing staff.
Mark Sandeen, Founder at RePower Partners
Mooly performed a crucial function in the merger of the two companies. Bringing the two parties together, setting terms fair and acceptable to all concerned, took conviction and exceptional skills in working with people. I am personally grateful to Mooly for his work with us.
Paul Ryan, Founder and President of Ryan International
Mooly is the best negotiator I know. His incredible talent as a negotiator is his ability to get all he wants out of the negotiation, while at the same time maintaining a good relationship with the other party. I had the privilege of observing Mooly negotiate a number of complex, technical, and emotionally-charged deals, where he won multi-million-dollar payments from companies who had no initial intention of paying us. We also worked together on complex licensing deals with large, publicly-traded companies, and Mooly's technical depth and ability to construct complex agreements led to extremely favorable terms for a company of our size. Additionally, Mooly is skilled at negotiating across borders, as I observed in the multiple deals he closed with companies in both Europe and Asia.
Life his full of negotiations, both personally and professionally. Everyone should learn the fundamentals of effective negotiation, and I can think of no better person to teach them than Mooly. You will be learning from someone who has truly "walked the walk" on numerous successful, highly technical, and complex negotiations. I assure you that the real-life examples he uses, based on first-hand experience, will be fascinating and highly instructive.
Matt Nuffort, Amazon
Samuel Dinnar is a superb mentor. He taught me the ins and outs of business negotiations, complex deals, contracts, and arbitration while we worked together. As I moved into product management from an engineering role, Samuel was a patient coach who took the time to develop my business skills in effectively interacting with other companies and government agencies. I’ve seen him negotiate and close acquisitions, mergers, and joint partnerships with US and international companies, finding a way to align everyone’s interests. Watching him complete the process from developing a proposal to closing the deal, is watching a true professional at work. He clearly knows what it takes to make companies both large and small succeed in the high tech industry.
Edward "Ted" Lester, MITRE
"I will most thankful be; and thanks to men of noble minds is honourable meed"
(Titus Andronicus)

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