I've served with Mooly as a Trustee for the past several years. 

Our school's governance structure is consensus-based, with teachers, parents, trustees, and administration involved in decisions where stakeholders feel passionately and there are often conflicting interests. Mooly is skillful at aligning goals, negotiating compromise, and stepping back to view the school holistically and in the context of its core purpose - doing what's best for the school's students. Tough financial choices and interpersonal interactions are involved. In guiding resolution Mooly instills trust in those around him.
Keith Hartt, Director of Bogle Investment Management
I could not have picked a better course. I learned so much, and was completely engaged the whole time because the trainers were exceptional and inspiring, and the program they put together had the perfect balance of presentations, demonstrations, simulations, and discussions. I came away not only far more prepared to mediate, but also energized and excited to continue to grow and develop in the field.
Participant in Mediation Weeklong Intensive Training
"I will most thankful be; and thanks to men of noble minds is honourable meed"
(Titus Andronicus)

Effective Consulting,
Analysis, Representation,
Advice & Implementation
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Providing Entrepreneurial
Executive Leadership &
Value-Add Horsepower
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Versatile Teaching
Active Training &
Experiential Learning
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Facilitation of Negotiation
& Understanding Based
Conflict Resolution
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