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Meedance provides value add executive leadership and service work in strategy, venture and negotiations consulting to businesses, investors, non-profits and individuals. Led by Samuel “Mooly” Dinnar, we rely on personal expertise and a strong network of experts locally and globally to help deliver quality and efficient results while connecting on a personal level. Over the years, Meedance has created value by conducting hands-on strategy work, re-positioning, marketing and entrepreneurial initiatives with entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors. Successful projects have included turnaround to MM$ sale, a distressed partner plan workout situation, and consulting to VCs & angels on investments in various domains including technology, consumer products, medical devices and biotechnology. Meedance also adds value by providing negotiation services, training, coaching and dispute resolution assistance, both individually and by assembling teams and packages to help clients achieve business success, improved results and successful relationships.

…the trainers were exceptional and inspiring, and the program they put together had the perfect balance…

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Meed – Noun, Shakespearean English:

Merit, Excellence, Value

“In his meed he’s unfellowed” (Hamlet)


About Samuel "Mooly" Dinnar


Dinnar brings over 20 years of general management, strategic growth and operations team leadership with an exceptional track record of corporate growth, mergers & acquisitions, value-creating product management, multifaceted sales and business development in hi-tech and aerospace. In addition to being part of two start-ups that revolutionized their industry, Dinnar has international experience as an entrepreneur, board member and venture capital investor, further strengthened by air force operations, non-profit servant-leadership and extensive cultural deal making. Dinnar is a certified mediator, negotiation facilitator, teacher and trainer. He has engaged in resolving various commercial and contractual disputes ranging from small claims to tens of millions of Dollars.


Dinnar’s academic education includes technical degrees in both aerospace engineering and computer sciences from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, and business management at the Harvard Business School. In parallel to decades of practicing business negotiations, creative deal-making and resolving complex commercial disputes on behalf of his own companies and clients, Dinnar continued with advanced negotiation studies at the Harvard Business School, and also mediation studies at the Harvard Law School’s Program On Negotiation, where he teaches today, and elsewhere. Dinnar was born in Boston, resides in Lexington, MA, lived and worked in Europe and Israel for many years, and gained invaluable proven experience with dealings across various continents and cultures.