About Samuel (Mooly) Dinnar

Dinnar brings over 20 years of general management, strategic growth and operations team leadership with an exceptional track record of corporate growth, mergers & acquisitions, value-creating product management, multifaceted sales and business development in hi-tech and aerospace. In addition to being part of two start-ups that revolutionized their industry, Dinnar has international experience as an entrepreneur, board member and venture capital investor, further strengthened by air force operations, non-profit servant-leadership and extensive cultural deal making. Dinnar is a certified mediator, negotiation facilitator, teacher and trainer. He has engaged in resolving various commercial and contractual disputes ranging from small claims to tens of millions of Dollars.


Dinnar’s academic education includes technical degrees in both aerospace engineering and computer sciences from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, and business management at the Harvard Business School. In parallel to decades of practicing business negotiations, creative deal-making and resolving complex commercial disputes on behalf of his own companies and clients, Dinnar continued with advanced negotiation studies at the Harvard Business School, and also mediation studies at the Harvard Law School’s Program On Negotiation. Today he teaches Negotiation, Mediation and Leadership at Harvard, MIT and around the globe. Dinnar was born in Boston, resides in Lexington, MA, lived and worked in Europe and Israel for many years, and gained invaluable proven experience with dealings across various continents and cultures.


Dinnar is co-author with Larry Susskind of the 2019 award-winning book “Entrepreneurial Negotiation: Understanding and Managing the Relationships that Determine Your Entrepreneurial Success” (Palgrave Macmillan).


Portfolio of Appointments and Positions, Current and Recent, Include:

  • Faculty and Instructor, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School
  • Lecturer of Engineering Leadership, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Research Associate, MIT Science Impact Collaborative
  • Board, Ready4 – Education technology software company
  • Board, NE-ACR – New England’s Association for Conflict Resolution
  • Board President, The Waldorf School of Lexington
  • Board, Israeli Stage – Boston-based start-up theater company
  • Teacher, Instructor – Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, Harvard Negotiation Institute
  • Executive, Consultant – Strategy, Operations, Venture, Negotiation
  • Mediator, Facilitator – Meedance

Board, Ready4 – Education technology company, revolutionizing the test prep market

Dinnar has been a founding board member, working with Ready4 (founded as LTG) since the early days when this on-line education platform start-up, built by MIT Sloan School of Management students, launched the first mobile app, was a semi-finalist in the MIT $100K start-up competition and a finalist in the 2013 Mass Challenge, the world’s largest startup competition and accelerator. Ready4 is helping students fulfill their academic potential by engineering a smarter and personal way to study. With over a million downloads to date, Ready4 has top rated apps for the GMAT, GRE, MCAT, ACT, PSAT and SAT exams.

See http://ready4.com/

Board, The Waldorf School of Lexington – EC-8th grade, >300 students, non-profit   

The Waldorf School of Lexington, Massachusetts is a Pre-K through Grade 8 independent school, serving a community of over 250 students and families, with 50 faculty and staff members. Established in 1971, the Waldorf School is considered a flagship school of the North American Waldorf Education movement, which is a part of a successful global movement, with over 1,000 schools on six continents, and in over 60 countries worldwide. Each school is autonomous and independently run, yet linked by a common educational philosophy and curriculum, with faculty-led pedagogy and consensus-based governance.

Board, NE-ACR – New England’s Association for Conflict Resolution

Founded in the 1980s, the New England chapter is one of the Association for Conflict Resolution’s largest and oldest, with an impressive history of leadership in the national and regional dispute resolution communities. NE-ACR’s members include mediators, arbitrators, collaborative professionals, lawyers, educators, students, and researchers who share a strong commitment to promoting constructive conflict resolution, supporting best practices and increasing public knowledge and understanding of conflict resolution.

Prior Titles, Responsibilities and Functions:


Operational titles held, various periods since 1985:

President, Vice President of Corporate Development, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Executive Vice President of Programs, Executive Program Manager, Head of Division, President of Subsidiary. Director of Engineering, Product Line Managing Director, Officer, Director, Venture Capital Investment Manager


Board responsibilities held, various periods since 2000:

Chair, Secretary, Director, Observer, Advisor. Board committee chair and memberships: Executive, Finance, Nominating, Long-Range Planning, Communications, Hiring, Search, Audit, Compensation, Governance


Consulting & project engagements, sample, various periods and durations since 2002:

Turnaround to MM$ sale, new company formation, round formation, market strategy, new early stage fund, acquisition due-diligence, investment due-diligence, term-sheets

Negotiator, Mediator, Distressed partner strategy, plan and workout. Mediations and Arbitrations from small claims to 10’s M$ in large commercial disputes and settlements. Coaching and training

“Mooly performed a crucial function in the merger of the two companies. Bringing the two parties together, setting terms fair and acceptable to all concerned, took conviction and exceptional skills in working with people. I am personally grateful to Mooly for his work with us.“

Paul Ryan, Founder and President of Ryan International

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